Bmvm Login: A Step By Step Guide 2024

The government of Bihar has created an online portal called BMVM Login 2024. This website aims to support Mahadalit families and enhance their standard of living in society. This post will explain know about BMVM. To understand more about BMVM Patna, its importance, and how to join up and access the website, you should definitely read this piece all the way through to the end.

Know About BMVM

BMVM also known as Bihar Mahadalit Vikas Mission is a web portal launched by the government of Bihar. The initiative is taken by the government in order to help the Mahadalit people and provide special services to the people lying under register on this portal is completely free and no additional charges will be taken from the users.

Highlights Of BMVM Bihar Gov in

NameBihar Mahadalits Vikas Misson
Organized ByBihar Government 
Official Website(For Login) 
PurposeTo help Mahadalits Families
BMVM Patna Registration & Login ModeOnline
Toll Free Help Line Number1800 3456 345
bmvm bihar gov in

The Objective Of BMVM

The Mission of BMVM has created several creative plans and programs to strengthen the designated Mahadalit Castes while keeping the following in mind:

  • To provide the families of the landless Mahadalit people a place to live.
  • To provide a sustainable clean drinking water and sanitation system, enhance the quality of life for the Mahadalit population, and address current disparities in service accessibility.
  • To support and enhance the educational system among Mahadalit households in accordance with current government policies and legal frameworks
  • The designation of a Local Resource Person (Vikas Mitra), who will be in close communication with the Mahadalit households and oversee the execution of additional programs, is necessary to enroll and guarantee the retention of students from Mahadalit households.
  • The objective is to provide the Mahadalit community with economic empowerment by enhancing their traditional skills and offering vocational training programs that are tailored to their cultural traditions and the interests of its young people.
  • Empowerment of female Mahadalits.
  • To enhance and fortify Mahadalit families’ access to prompt, high-quality healthcare services.
  • To mainstream the Mahadalit people and conserve and advance their unique culture.
  • To protect the right to information.
  • To bolster and sustain communication and transportation infrastructure.
  • To make it easier for government programs to be implemented smoothly at the field level.

Eligibility To Apply For BMVM Login 

In order to apply in the Bmvm login Portal, follow the given below steps:-

  • The candidate needs to come from one of the designated aristocratic Dalit families or castes.
  • Residents of the Panchayat/Ward Group (Cluster) (Urban) from which Vikas Mitra is to be chosen will be able to submit an application.
  • To apply, you must have completed your matriculation or an equivalent course.
  • Selection may be carried out in the following ways if the candidate for Vikas Mitra does not fulfill the matriculation or equivalent educational requirements. Absence of Matriculation Passes the ninth, eighth, seventh, sixth, and fifth
  • The following order will be followed: first non-metric, then ninth pass.
  • Even literate women who lack formal education will be chosen; they should be connected to the Basaye Akshar Yojana and Self-help group, and they should be progressive active women in social work.

Documents Required For Bmvm Patna Login

Given below Documents are required for bmvm patna login:-

  • Signature of the applicant
  • 10th Certificate of the applicant
  • Aadhar Card of the applicant
  • Passport-size photo of the applicant
  • Caste certificate of the applicant
  • Residence Certificate of the applicant (Income Certificate)

Steps to Register On BMVM Patna

Follow the given below steps to create an account on BMVM Patna:- 

  • Step 1: First choose your most favorable browser from the device
  • Step 2: Once you have Selected the browser, Visit the official website manually
  • Step 3: Once you have entered, Fill in the personal details like Select District, Enter Your Aadhar Number, Enter Your Mobile Number (Registered in Vikash), Enter Password, Geo Location
  • Step 4: After Filling in all the details Click on the “Register” button 

Note: You have successfully created the account on bmvm patna vikas register.

Steps For BMVM Login

Bmvm Login

Follow the given below step for bmvm login into the account:- 

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of BMVM.
  • Step 2: To log into the account you need to enter your details like: User ID, Password
  • Step 3: After Filling in your details correctly, click the “Log in “ Button.

Note: You have Successfully bmvm patna login into the website. 

Reset Password For BMVM Patna

In order to reset your password to BMVM Patna, follow the given below steps are:-

  • Step 1: First choose your most favorable browser from the device
  • Step 2: Once you have Selected the browser, Visit the official website manually.
  • Step 3: Once you have entered the website, you need to fill in your personal details in order to reset your password. 1. Select Your District, 2. Enter Your Aadhar Number and Your Date of Birth.
  • Step 4: After Filling in all the details correctly click on the “Submit” Button.

Schemes For BMVM 2.0

  • Land for housing schemes: The majority of Mahadalits (BMVM 2.0) do not own their own homes. Every Mahadalit family that does not have land would be able to obtain land thanks to the initiative. The State Government has already conducted a census of landowner and non-landholding households. Concurrently, data on the availability of other and government-owned property has already been gathered.
  • Mahadalit Awas Yojna: Houses would be given to the Mahadalit family in accordance with government regulations. The family that does not currently own a home will receive the land before the dwellings are built. The family’s property will be the site of the house construction.
  • Mahadalit Water Supply Scheme: Having access to drinking water is a basic necessity for Mahadalit families. A large number of these families do not have access to a clean drinking water source. The Mahadalit tola will get water supplies from the state government, subject to certain government-mandated requirements.
  • Mahadalit Toilet Construction Scheme: The availability of restrooms in Mahadalit Tolas is a major issue. Under the Total Sanitation Campaign initiative, Mahadalit households that contribute Rs. 300 will have toilets built for them. For the purpose of building toilets, the Mahadalit Vikas Mission will contribute Rs. 300 on behalf of the Mahadalit family.
  • Mahadalit Basti Link Road Scheme: Many Mahadalit households reside in remote areas where communication is a major issue. The bmvm 2.0 Talas will be connected to connection roads per the State Government’s plans. More funding will be given for this program if funding for rural roads is insufficient. Their socioeconomic circumstances will improve and their entire growth will be facilitated by this plan.


BMVM Login emerges as a transformative initiative by the Bihar government, striving to uplift Mahadalit families through accessible online services. The portal, designed under the Bihar Mahadalits Vikas Mission, focuses on housing, education, health, and economic empowerment, promising improved living standards and societal inclusion for the marginalized community.

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