Who is Doug Weiss? And Is Doug Weiss a Married Man?

You must have heard about Dr. Doug Weiss, who is a psychologist, speaker, and authority on sex addiction. He has helped several individuals to overcome these addictions. Recently a headline was seen by the audience that Doug Weird ended his 3-year marriage with Lisa Weiss, but now people are wondering who his wife now. Well, in this article we will know about his marital and dating lives and get the answer to the question: Is Dr. Doug Weiss married?

Know About Doug Weiss

Dr. Doug Weiss is a popular psychologist, speaker, author, and specialist on sex addiction. He is well known for his important contributions to helping individuals overcome addiction and infidelity in relationships. It is crucial to examine Dr. Weiss’s prior connections and the related events in order to comprehend the current scenario.

Is Dr. Doug Weiss Married?

Dr. Doug Weiss and Lisa Weiss were married for more than three decades, and they worked well as a team in both their writing and therapy careers. Several publications produced as a consequence of their partnership were written with the intention of assisting couples in better understanding one another’s needs and fostering closer bonds. Books with titles like “The Marriage Book” and “Intimacy and Anorexia” demonstrated their close relationship and supported the counsel they provided. 

He has raised four children and welcomed six grandchildren into their family throughout the course of their marriage. But, the pair opted to split up last year amid divorce rumors, deciding to keep their separation’s causes a secret. It’s unclear if it sprang from fundamental disagreements or just a need for change.

Dr. Doug Weiss and Joni Lamb’s Relationship

Dr. Doug Weiss and Joni Lamb have been friends and coworkers for a very long time. They both have a heart for Christian counseling and outreach. Their partnership has produced well-known works like “The Sexually Confident Wife” and “Joni Table Talk,” where they fused their knowledge and religion to change the lives of many people.

While Joni Lamb views Dr. Weiss as her friend, mentor, and inspiration, their friendship appears to go beyond work-related matters. The larger Christian world has taken note of Dr. Weiss’ effect on Joni Lamb’s efforts in Christian ministry and her growing relationship with God.

Conjecture about an Engagement

Due to their close relationship and common interests, there have been rumors of an engagement between Joni Lamb and Dr. Doug Weiss. According to rumors, this probable coupling is being promoted by Daystar Television Network owners Larry and Kay Bankhead. Nonetheless, it is challenging to make any firm assertions in the absence of more material from either party.

He announced their engagement on March 10 of this year, teasing a forthcoming announcement on Joni’s show. While the pair continues to pique the attention and curiosity of their fans, the public is anxiously awaiting further information about their future intentions.

Joni Lamb’s Personality

Joni Lamb is a famous personality, who is the co-founder, vice president, and executive producer of Daystar Television. She has helped many others with her powerful work as a Christian broadcaster. Also, she has helped people deal with their anxieties by giving support and encouragement by being a speaker, author, and presenter of Joni Tables Talks. 

Dr. Weiss’ commitment to assisting people and couples in overcoming personal obstacles endures despite the divorce.

About Dr. Doug Weiss’s Family

His four children are shared by him and his ex-wife Lisa Weiss. Six grandkids have also been a blessing for them. But, as they have ended their 3 years of marriage relationship, he is living in Colorado Springs and changing his life through his writing and counseling work. 


In this article, we have discussed the relationship status of Dr. Doug Weiss. As he is a well-known personality in the world, people usually want to stay tuned with his lifestyle updates. Therefore, we have provided insight in this article, if you have read it and want more updates on such topics then stay updated with our articles.


1. Is Joni Lamb the wife of Dr. Doug?

No, as per the research, Dr. Doug Weiss and Joni Lamb have not mentioned any kind of future planning. Although, they both are engaged. 

2. What address does Dr. Weiss now reside at?

Colorado Springs is where Dr. Weiss dwells.

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