Flipkart Delivery: How its Changing Indian Startup Landscape

Flipkart Delivery is a startup that has changed the world forever. Like India’s growth means that all the other developing nations would get cost-effective and better products and they can also get inspired to do something similar. As Amazon changed the landscape of the western world, Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal worked there in the United States for Amazon and then they planned to do something same in India.

It started with selling books and soon they added everything one can ask for. Look at the purchase of Myntra that how it did make them leading brand in fashion and they did not change the name of Myntra because how popular it is in the world of fashion.

What makes it special?

See as Amazon makes their own in-house delivery for most products. Flipkart also came up with Casper Ekart long back. And it has made them also to have control over delivery of products which is the most crucial for sure. Hence, the returns always look massive and creative too at the same time. This is where the value of this brand comes and when the business got sold to United States giant Walmart, this told that now they have a huge power of spending money like Amazon to some extent. It is where they made it the last line as founders have the aim to work and make money in India.

They have burned a lot of money. But the value of Indian start-ups went up with Flipkart the lead. And if there as no Flipkart, it would have Amazon the leading and only market place in India. Amazon is the leading one as they are better in many cases. But this does not say that Flipkart is behind and it is hard to match them.

In fashion, Flipkart is indeed better and they do better numbers for real as the value of Myntra is huge for sure. Hence, they moves they have made are great and now India has tons of startups who are making founders rich as hell and then others do have better chances to earn the money and make sure that they are living the life in a better manner.

This is where the life works out for all the sorted takes and how it makes the mega impact in our lives. A change is something that should be respected and hence, Indians love this mega online shopping marketplace. It has most things that one looks for with offers as good as Amazon.

This is where all things get sorted for real. 

At Last

The only downside is that some founders take the money and they take bad takes that make the brand in worse shape.  It is how most things should work at and hence, this makes the startups in India have bad picture. As the funding comes from western world a lot, a better image is something that should work at for real. And this is how they bring the right numbers at the best of ways.

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