Rtps: Change of the Public Services in Bihar

In the age where paperwork is replaced by the digital, he efficiency and convenience of government services can be experienced by citizens. The Bihari government’s unique program, was developed to tackle different types of deficiencies by efficiently and transparently disbursing services to the citizens. Shall we, therefore, move forward to the inner workings of this website in general?

Introduction of this portal

The Rtps4 stands for the two-way interaction between citizens and government through digital platforms such as social media. It is a web-based platform that simplifies the procedure of certificate applications online in Bihar. Whether you need a residence certificate or one document, It helps you avoid the entire collection process by making the whole process easier.

Key Features

  1. Online Application: Citizens can get its services and sort out their issues using several modes available.
  • Online (Self): Individuals looking to enrol in the program will be able to do so from the comfort of their homes since the application process can be completed on any device with internet availability.
  • Public Service Centers (PSC): Drop in nearby Community Service Center for the availability of services.
  • Kiosks: Use kiosks set up in the area where they are distributed for this purpose.
  1. Common Service Centers: Such centres grant the initial interview processing of the application form.
  2. No Physical Visits Required: Long bygone, the days when you needed to be very long to stand in government office queues. Thanks to it people do not go through physical messages anymore. 
  1. Certificate Delivery: Starting from the moment you submit your application to the day you are given your certificate or license, there could be various options for how you will receive your documents:
  1. Download the Link via SMS
  2. Attachment in Email
  3. DigiLocker
  4. ServicePlus Inbox
  5. Issue a Certificate Link at The Portal Site.
  6. Informative Unit / Customer Service Centre / Public Service Portal (Bus Ticketing Service Counter)

5. Verification Process: The portal only checks whether the information like residence, caste, income, and NCL, EWS are correct and leaves the matter of final ascertainment to the concerned authorities. Candidates will be able to see the progress of their application just by accessing the online platform.

Online Services: – How to avail them?

  1. Visit the Official Portal: Move on with the application process to the official portal directly.
  2. Choose Your Service: Choose kind of the certificate from among the options available (eg, residence, caste, income).
  3. Fill in Details: Give an accurate Application in the form.
  4. Submit the Application: Click the button labelled submit to begin the procedure.
  5. Track Your Application: Keep your eyes on the application status via the online portal.


It becomes another engineering step in e-governance, which makes clients get the services they need in time and without problems. Through the adaptation of technology, the state is enriching the living standard for its people and accruing discipline in public deliveries. Hence, when you choose to remain at home for your course, remember that this is the most convenient way to get your certificate.

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