The Top Tips To Help Make Your Australian Home More Energy Efficient.

The vast majority of us here in Australia want to live in a more energy-efficient home for a number of reasons. The main one is that a more energy-efficient home helps to cut down on our utility bills and so that means that there is more money in our wallets and purses. We also want to do our bit for the environment and hopefully cut down on the carbon footprint that we leave every single day. What we all want to achieve is more cooling and heating but with less effort on the part of air conditioners. This is the reason why we use things like energy-saving light bulbs because they provide us with the same amount of light butt they use a lot less energy.

With that in mind, you do need to invest in ducted air conditioners because these do exactly what is described above in that they use less energy to provide us with the cooling and the healing that we need every single day all across Australia. This is one way to use less energy in our Australian homes and all it takes is a change in habit by you and your family members and making smarter purchases like the one above. If you follow the following top tips then you can be more energy efficient and you can save money.

  • Turn your thermostat down – This is a very simple and straightforward thing to do and you will hardly notice the difference in room temperature but you will notice the difference when it comes to your energy bills. It’s unlikely that your family members will notice as well so maybe keep this to yourself and just go ahead and turn down and add some blooms for every room.
  • Stop using the standby function – You may think that by pressing the remote control to put your television and other appliances on standby they are using very little electricity and this is true up to a point. However, if every single appliance and gadget is left on standby in your home overnight then that’s roughly about 8 hours every night for seven days a week, for three hundred and 65 days of the year using power and that will definitely lead to you having to pay out more money.
  • Invest in more insulation – As your ducted air conditioner is working hard for you, you need to do whatever you can to keep the cool air in your home in summer and when you use the heating function on your air conditioner in winter. If you live in a detached home then it makes sense to have the professionals install the next layer of insulating material on the outside of the wall.

You should also not be ignoring the flooring under your feet because a lot of your home’s heat and cooling is lost through the floor. If you follow the above three pieces of advice then you should have a more energy-efficient home.

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