Coinvest NSFAS Registration: A Comprehensive Registration Guide and Review

Coinvest NSFAS is a user-friendly online platform that allows eligible students to easily apply for, manage, and access financial aid provided by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) in South Africa. This article provides a detailed Coinvest NSFAS Registration guide along with a review of its key features and benefits.

Benefits of Doing Coinvest NSFAS Registration

Coinvest NSFAS comes with numerous advantages for students looking to avail financial assistance:

1. User-friendly Platform: Simple dashboards and workflow that make applying or disbursing funds easy and less complicated.

2. Enhanced Security: User data assurance via establishing bank-grade security standards.

3. Timely Disbursals: Fast payout via student accounts and debit cards provides convenience and access to finance for students

4. Accessibility: The Apps are available for both web and mobile devices(iOS and Android) for people who are on the move.

5. Tracking: The dashboard that the app interfaces with to see the application status and disbursement history.

6. Withdrawals: The instant availability of funds, be it for paying bills, taking out cash or transferring money to friends or relatives, is made possible through seamless withdrawals to personal bank accounts.

NSFAS serves to provide strong functionalities and specialized packages in a bid to make the processes of applications and disbursing of financial aid from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme seamless and effortless.

Coinvest NSFAS Registration Process

To access NSFAS funding, students first need to register on the platform. The quick one-time registration steps are outlined below:

1. Visit and click on “Sign Up”

2. Verify identity by entering the SA ID number 

3. Provide personal details like full name, contact information, etc.

4. Set a password and save the username 

5. Complete email/phone verification 

6. Accept Coinvest NSFAS terms and conditions

And done! The student will be registered on the platform and can now log in using their credentials. 

How to Log In on Coinvest NSFAS

Post registration, students can easily log into their accounts by:

1. Going to the Coinvest NSFAS website

2. Entering registered email ID and password 

3. Clicking on “Login”

4. Upon successful authentication, the user dashboard will open

This is a secure access point for all account information and settings. 

Key Account Dashboard Features

The centralized user dashboard on NSFAS allows students to:

– Check application status and review application history

– View pending and past disbursements of funds  

– Update profile information and settings 

– Initiate withdrawals into personal bank accounts

– Access digitized student cards and identity documents

Overall, the dashboard enables students to manage their financial aid end-to-end via a unified interface.

Applying for NSFAS Funding

Eligible students can apply for funding, bursaries, and allowances via NSFAS through these steps:

1. Click your account button and go to your dashboard.

2. You can do this by clicking the top button, “Apply for Funding”.

3. Specifically, our funding request application form will be filled with lots of details.

4. Please provide documents that are by the handout.

5. Apply ( unless otherwise stated).

6. Track status and app status for application consideration.


In conclusion, NSFAS makes it simpler for South African students to discover, apply, and obtain the financial assistance they deserve for academic expenses. Its digitized, security-focused platform speeds up funding disbursals while bringing transparency. Students aiming for uninterrupted education must register on Coinvest NSFAS at the earliest.

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