FMS BSNL: A Complete Guide

If you’ve been looking at methods to become financially independent and launch your own company since you’ve always wanted to accomplish both, then you must know about the FMS BSNL franchisee, where you will get the support, tools, and training required to provide telecom solutions to customers and take advantage of the advantages of being a business owner. It Login is your doorway to a rewarding franchise relationship if you’re ready to take charge.

Key Highlights Of

Service TypeFranchisee/Partner
ServicesMobile Services, Fibre, Broadband, etc.
BSNL Establishment15th September 2003

FMS BSNL: An Overview

As a BSNL franchise partner, you are able to offer a range of telecom services, such as internet, landline, prepaid mobile plans, and business connection solutions, to your local clientele.

Due to its affordable prices and wide network coverage, BSNL has millions of users in India. To benefit from this massive client base and earn attractive commissions of up to 50% on bill payments, recharges, and new connections, become a franchisee of FMS BSNL (Franchisee Management System).

FMS BSNL Registration Process As A Partner

Here are the steps to follow for BSNL Partner registration online: 

  • Step 1: Visit on its official website. 
  • Step 2: Press the registration button.
  • Step 3: Enter the required details. 
  • Step 4: Tap on the submit button. 
  • Step 5: When your details are submitted, they will be reviewed by the BSNL executive.
  • Step 6: You will get contacted as soon as possible by the BSNL executive, as per your given details. 

FMS BSNL Login Process


Following are the steps to FMS BSNL Login, are written below:

  • Step 1: Go to the official site BSNL franchise management system portal. 
  • Step 2: You will have received your login credentials through BSNL FMS, fill them in the login portal. 
  • Step 3: Tap on the sign-in button to move ahead. 
  • Step 4: People who have the credentials to access their pages at the BSNL franchise management system can offer its services to their customers as TIPs(Telecom Infrastructure Providers). 

Steps To Reset Password For BSNL FMS

You can follow the following steps to reset password your BSNL FMS login password: 

  1. Open the official website of the platform.
  2. Tap on forget password and proceed with sending OTP on the registered number. 
  3. Verify your identity by entering the received OTP. 
  4. Enter the new password and press the submit button.
  5. Now, your password has been changed so that you can use it to access the bsnl fms portal

How Can Someone Use FMS BSNL Co in To Become a Franchise Partner?

To become a franchisee, you must apply on the fms bsnl co in website and pay a one-time franchise fee (security deposit) that ranges from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 5 lakhs, depending on the franchise category you select. BSNL will provide you with the necessary training so that you may function as an approved FMS Login BSNL franchise. You must build a store, kiosk, or office in order to provide BSNL services to customers inside your franchise zone.

As an FMS franchisee, you may establish a profitable business partnership with it and attain financial autonomy by following the organization’s policies and guidelines. Register now at fms to get started!

What Services Can You Provide as an FMS.BSNL Franchisee?

As an FMS.BSNL franchisee, you would provide a variety of telecom services to customers and act as an extended sales force for BSNL. Some of the main services you might offer are: 

  • Landline and broadband connections:

Help customers apply for new phone and internet connections to earn commissions on installation and monthly rent. 

  • Visit to recharge your prepaid phone:

Help BSNL customers recharge their prepaid phones, and get paid a commission for each recharge. 

  • Postpaid bills for mobile phones:

Get paid commissions on the amount of postpaid mobile bills paid by BSNL customers. 

  • FMSBSNL Commercial Services:

Help local businesses apply for BSNL’s enterprise connectivity services, such MPLS VPN, leased lines, etc., to earn substantial commissions.

Requirements For Obtaining a BSNL FMS Franchise

A few conditions need to be fulfilled in order to be eligible to become a franchise partner of BSNL FMS.

  • Prerequisites: First and first, you have to be a citizen of India and older than 21. To begin operations, a franchise needs a minimum of 200 square feet of space in the business sector. Customers should be able to easily reach the site through markets, residential areas, or business buildings. 
  • Requirements For Financing: The refundable security deposit might be anything between Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 2 lakh, depending on the franchise type you choose. Additionally, you must start with operational capital of between Rs. 1 and Rs. 5 lakhs. Franchisees may be eligible for up to 70% of the project’s total funding from BSNL. total cost. 
  • Instruction: BSNL offers thorough training to help you create the best possible customer experience. You will learn about BSNL products and services, sales and marketing tactics, and outlet management. Furthermore, BSNL provides marketing support for your company in the form of pamphlets, danglers, and banners. HTM (

Services Offered by BSNL Through the BSNL FMS Portal

Through the BSNL FMS website, you may offer your clients a variety of services. As a franchisee, you act as BSNL’s extended sales team, presenting connection options to customers on the company’s behalf. 

  • Internet Services via Fiber: FMS

Provide 100 Mbps high-speed broadband internet connection to homes and businesses. BSNL offers consistent, affordable broadband that is available throughout India. 

  • Services Based on Fiber

Give customers access to BSNL fiber internet at up to 1 Gbps for lightning-fast connectivity. Fiber optic technology is used by BSNL’s fiber broadband to deliver high bandwidth and fast speeds. 

  • Mobile Prepaid Services

Give out SIM cards, prepaid phone plans, and BSNL recharges. Choose from many affordable plans with unlimited data, SMS, and calling capacity. Nationwide coverage is provided by BSNL’s prepaid mobile services. 

  • Postpaid Mobile Services

Offer postpaid phone plans and bill payment services. Postpaid plans from BSNL provide affordable monthly rents, device bundles, and unlimited internet, SMS, and calling. You may manage client accounts and invoice payments. 

  • Commercial Services

To satisfy business needs, offer leased line internet, ISDN, MPLS VPN, and bulk SMS services. Meet communication and connectivity demands for businesses with scalable and trustworthy BSNL enterprise solutions.

You might get up to 50% in commission on any services offered via your store as a BSNL franchisee. You can meet the demands of both people and companies because of the variety of services you offer. Your doorway to allowing connectivity and earning money is the FMS BSNL site.

Benefits Of FMS BSNL

FMS BSNL Creation became a game-changer for both its franchisees and BSNL. Let’s get into its top benefits that can be availed by users:


  • Cost-Effective: Cost is reduced with franchisee management that has reduced because of automation and streamlined processes.
  • Improve Visibility: BSNL has improved its visibility into franchisee operations by taking into better oversight.
  • Enhances Control: The gadget offers improved control and covers the franchisee’s overall performance making sure that provider excellence is maintained.
  • Enriches Customer Service: Consumers revel in better providers as a result of advanced franchisee overall performance.

For Franchisee

  • Decreases Paperwork: The FMS BSNL appreciably decreases paperwork making commercial enterprise operations greater green.
  • Enhances Efficiency: Franchisees can work more correctly and in a better way which leads to multiplied profitability.
  • Smoothening Processes: Franchisees benefit from streamlined business planning that reduces operational complexity.


A route to financial independence is available by launching a franchise with FMS BSNL. Collaborating with one of the biggest telecom providers in India would enable you to grow a profitable company, provide essential services, and earn substantial commissions. Seize the opportunity, create your FMS BSNL login, and start your rewarding entrepreneurial career.


  1. Is there any registration fee applicable on BSNL FMS?

No, there is no registration fee applicable by this portal, the individuals are allowed to get a local approved dealer or the authorised service provider to have the franchise form BSNL. Thus, there is no advance or due amount that will be asked to pay for the BSNL from the franchise holder. 

  1. How much does a FTTP TIP partner charge, if the OLTEs installed at BSNL premises?

There 3 different types of charges that the FTTH TIP partners has to pay, if OLETS are installed at BSNL premises:

  • The one-time charge for OLT installation with TIP is Rs 5000. 
  • One year infrastructure charges as security deposit are 20000 or 10000 that varies on various areas.
  • And the third one is yearly infra charges that depend on the above written 2 points. 
  1. Who will have the commision from BSNL FMS? 

According to the rules, the area incharge of BSNL Franchisee Management System will have the invoice of commission. When a person provides the fibre services of BSNL then the commision amount gets added to their accounts, where the complete amount may get credited to the Franchise holder at last of each month. 

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