How to start your own Business in Indonesia 


With a population of over 260 million, a nominal GDP of around USD 1 trillion, Indonesia is a very attractive location for starting any business with its already large, easily accessible and speedily growing market. This article will provide you a comprehensive guide on how to start a big data in Indonesia and some ideas to start your own business in Indonesia.

How to Start a Business in Indonesia 

Starting a business in Indonesia  can be both challenging and exciting. With its diverse market and vibrant economy, Indonesia businesses offer promising opportunities for the foreign entrepreneurs. If you want to enter this dynamic landscape, follow these comprehensive guides to start a business in Indonesia.

Plan Your Business Expansion

Before entering in this journey, conduct deep research about the Indonesian market. Understand local consumer preferences, identify potential gaps in the market, and analyse your competitors.

Choose the Right Business Structure

Choosing an appropriate business structure is essential. You can opt for a Limited Liability Company (PT PMA), which enables foreign ownership.

Capital and Investment

Your investment plan should align with the regulations of  the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board sets.

Obtain Essential Licences and Permits

big data requires obtaining the appropriate licences and permits. Work closely with the legal experts to secure essential approvals from the relevant authorities.

Employment and Visas

If your business requires hiring local employees, you must obey Indonesia’s labour laws. Obtain the essential work permits and visas for the foreign employees.

Business ideas to start in Indonesia

Hotels and Resorts

Indonesia is the tourists’ favourite place.Thus, the business idea of setting up the hotels and resorts can be very profitable to you. Just keep your hotel or resort hygienic, clean, and well-decorated and serve good food.

Start a Food Truck 

The food truck business can be a great idea to earn more profits with low investments. Choose the local’s favourite dishes and ensure the food is delicious. Take your truck to  places of tourist attraction or busy areas. Once people start liking your dishes and start recognizing your food truck, your business will earn more profit.

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