ViewSync 2023: Multiple YouTube Viewer Simultaneously on One Screen

In this article know about Viewsync. You might need to play two videos on one screen at once when using YouTube for work or school. Only a few browsers allow for such tasks. I’ll demonstrate how to play two YouTube videos for you this time simultaneously.

I’ve been wanting to play many YouTube videos simultaneously. Using two browsers side by side allows you to see two videos virtually simultaneously, albeit it can be a little awkward because they are not on the same screen. Let’s now examine how to simultaneously play two YouTube videos on one screen so read the article to get the complete information.

Know About ViewSync

ViewSync is a multiple YouTube viewer. Although watching several YouTube videos at once is possible, watching Mindcrack UHC episodes was its original purpose. It is a tool that is created with the purpose of harmonizing multiple video streaming perfectly. The platform is specially for the gaming community. It offers seamless integration for multiple viewpoints and enhances the user experience.

Features of ViewSync

There are few features that are provided to users and they are written below:

  • Integration: On this platform, users can connect to multiple videos and watch them on the same screen.
  • Flexible: This platform provides flexible services to its users. If the content sources are from different platforms yet you can connect them perfectly.
  • Playlist: This platform allows users to share and create a playlist with their friends of their choices. This platform helps users to watch and share videos with anyone.

Ways to Use ViewSync

ViewSync connections are simple to create. Just halt each video at a certain audio cue if the videos have the same voice-over. Anything from a sneeze to the first word of a sentence might serve as a cue. You may verify your synchronization by using the Test Audio button. When you’re happy, click ViewSync! to create the connection.

1. Use ViewSync on YouTube


Playing numerous YouTube videos at once is a useful web tool. All you have to do to play a video on the same screen is copy the URL of the desired video into this web tool.

We’ll next walk you through using ViewSync to play YouTube side by side.

  1. Get into ViewSync.
  2. Under “Add Video,” select the “+” button.
  3. Paste the YouTube video’s URL, which you wish to play, into the search box that displays.
  4. To copy and paste the URL for the second YouTube video, use the same two procedures as before. In addition, you may upload more than three YouTube videos here.
  5. To verify if the two additional YouTube videos can be played properly, click “Test Audio
  6. Copy the URL that enables the simultaneous playback of two YouTube videos, and click “ViewSync!”
  7. Open your favorable website and open a new tab.
  8. Then Paste the URL in the browser 

Following that, these two YouTube videos ought to appear side by side. Simply press the “Play” button to begin each video.

2. Play Two Videos from YouTube on a Triple Screen

In addition to the aforementioned techniques, a triple screen allows you to play two YouTube videos simultaneously.

Concerning this technique, a user shared the following:

  1. On the laptop’s initial screen, one YouTube video should start playing. While the video on the first screen is playing, browse to the second screen and start playing the second YouTube video. They play together without pausing.
  2. As a result, you may test this strategy on YouTube in tandem.
  3. Using the Triple Screen you can view 3 YouTube videos on one screen.  

3. Employ YouTube Multiplier

You may play more YouTube videos simultaneously by using the website YouTube Multiplier. This utility allows you to merge up to eight YouTube videos.

Use this tool as follows:

  1. Click YouTube Multiplier to access.
  2. The “DO YOUR OWN MASHUP” area is located as you scroll down.
  3. In the first two fields, copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video that you wish to play.
  4. You can select your desired display format from A to F from the video.
  5. Include a title and name (optional) for your mashup. After that, enter the required digit.
  6. Click the “Preview” button to see an example of the effect.

Why ViewSync is Important?

It prioritizes content producers. It employs a patented technique to enable in-stream adverts, whereas standard YouTube mashup sites are restricted to displaying banner ads. By utilizing it, you are directly assisting content producers, since these in-stream advertisements pay them far more than banner advertising. 

It synchronizes at one-second time intervals. Make every synced audio mashup by utilizing advanced playback logic. The audio synchronization is accurate to within one-tenth of a second. Only it can sync the audio in Battlestar Galactica.

Who is the Creator of ViewSync?

RedBanHammer. I’m not linked with YouTube or Mindcrack, and I work on ViewSync in my spare time. If you enjoy what you see here, please look at my other work! You may also buy me coffee for late-night coding sessions.

Know about RedBanHammer

RedBanHammer is basically managed by a person who has more than five years of experience in programming. As a result, he has developed many tools and software that work on different segments. The person is freelancing and working in an extremely dedicated way to build new platforms for different purposes.

Is Viewsync Safe to Use?

Yes, the platform is designed and encrypted with SSL certification which means it will preserve your access and identity without revealing it to any third-party platform. Users can directly access it and play YouTube videos.

On the other hand, it is compiled with HTTPS Protocol that saves your payment details which results in not getting it aligned to any unauthorized party. View sync platform is not known for any negative feedback to date but, it cannot be proven that it’s the same as the reviews. You can use it and then make your review on the same according to your observation.


Several techniques may be used to play two YouTube videos at once. With its effective online technology, which prioritizes content providers with in-stream advertisements, several films may be synchronized seamlessly on a single screen.

There are other ways to play many videos at once, such as using a YouTube Multiplier or a triple screen. These techniques accommodate various tastes and give users freedom and ease in organizing their video content, whether for work or study.


1. Who is the creator of View Sync?

View Sync is created by RedBanHammer, an individual not affiliated with YouTube or Mindcrack, who works on the project in their spare time.

2. Why is View Sync important?

View Sync prioritizes content producers by enabling in-stream advertisements, providing higher revenue than banner ads. It syncs precisely within one-tenth of a second, allowing for sophisticated audio mashups.

3. Are there alternative methods to play multiple videos at once?

Sure, you have other options besides View Sync, like using a triple screen to play multiple YouTube videos at once or using YouTube Multiplier.

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